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How neutral is the choice of the allocation mechanism in cap-and-trade schemes? Evidence from the EU-ETS (with Nicola De Vivo), 2017, SEEDS Working Paper 04/2017 (under review)

Measures, Drivers and Effects of Green Employment: Evidence from US Local Labor Markets, 2006-2014
 (with Davide Consoli and Francesco Vona), 2017, SPRU Working Paper Series, 2017-13 (under review)

Environmental Disasters and Electoral Cycle: An Empirical Analysis on Floods and Landslides in Italy (with Alessio D'Amato and Andrea Rampa), 2017, SEEDS Working Paper 02/2017 (under review)

Drivers of international shipments of hazardous waste: the role of policy and technology endowment
(with Francesco Nicolli and Emy Zecca), 2017, SEEDS Working Paper 01/2017

The integrated economic and environmental footprint of the EU: domestic and global effects of a transition to services
(with Roberto Zoboli), 2016, SEEDS Working Paper 08/2016 (submitted)

Outward Foreign Direct Investments Patterns of Italian Firms in the EU ETS (with Simone Borghesi and Chiara Franco), 2016, SEEDS Working Paper Series, No 2016-01 (R&R on Scandinavian Journal of Economics)

Green Skills (with Francesco Vona, Davide Consoli and David Popp), 2015, NBER Working Paper No. 21116

Global Virtual Water Trade: integrating Structural Decomposition Analysis with Network Theory
(with Tiziano Distefano and Massimo Riccaboni), 2014, EIC working paper series, IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, no. 8 (R&R on Water and Resources Economics)

Matching of PATSTAT applications to AIDA firms - Discussion of the methodology and results (with Francesca Lotti), 2013, Occasional Papers (Questioni di Economia e Finanza) no. 166, Banca d'Italia

Closing the gap? Dynamic analyses of emission efficiency and sector productivity in Europe, 2012, EIC working paper series, IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, no. 2