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Working papers

Finance and the Misallocation of Scientific, Engineering and Mathematical Talent (with Francesco Vona), 2017, OFCE Working Paper No. 27 (under review)

The Impact of Energy Prices on Employment and Environmental Performance: Evidence from French Manufacturing Establishments (with Francesco Vona), 2017, SEEDS Working Papers 07/2017 (under review)

How neutral is the choice of the allocation mechanism in cap-and-trade schemes? Evidence from the EU-ETS (with Nicola De Vivo), 2017, SEEDS Working Paper 04/2017 (R&R on Argomenti)

Measures, Drivers and Effects of Green Employment: Evidence from US Local Labor Markets, 2006-2014
 (with Davide Consoli and Francesco Vona), 2017, SPRU Working Paper Series, 2017-13 (under review)

Environmental Disasters and Electoral Cycle: An Empirical Analysis on Floods and Landslides in Italy (with Alessio D'Amato and Andrea Rampa), 2017, SEEDS Working Paper 02/2017 (under review)

Drivers of international shipments of hazardous waste: the role of policy and technology endowment
(with Francesco Nicolli and Emy Zecca), 2017, SEEDS Working Paper 01/2017

Outward Foreign Direct Investments Patterns of Italian Firms in the EU ETS (with Simone Borghesi and Chiara Franco), 2016, SEEDS Working Paper Series, No 2016-01 (R&R on Scandinavian Journal of Economics)

Green Skills (with Francesco Vona, Davide Consoli and David Popp), 2015, NBER Working Paper No. 21116

Global Virtual Water Trade: integrating Structural Decomposition Analysis with Network Theory
(with Tiziano Distefano and Massimo Riccaboni), 2014, EIC working paper series, IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, no. 8 (R&R on Water and Resources Economics)

Matching of PATSTAT applications to AIDA firms - Discussion of the methodology and results (with Francesca Lotti), 2013, Occasional Papers (Questioni di Economia e Finanza) no. 166, Banca d'Italia

Closing the gap? Dynamic analyses of emission efficiency and sector productivity in Europe, 2012, EIC working paper series, IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, no. 2